coverDiscover how to take control of your finances.
It’ѕ nоt how muсh уоu mаkе, but whаt you dо with what уоu’vе gоt.
Learn how to create your own budget plan and share it with your family. Money management isn’t widely taught at home or in the classroom, so we often end up learning from our mistakes.
Sticking to a budgeting or spending plan provides clarity over your finances thereby allowing for smarter decision- making.
These skills can be shared with a growing family- ensuring the next generation have better financial management skills. (Pub Feb. 2017)


This book covers travel across Central and Western Europe on a shoestring budget. I show you how proper planning will still allow you enjoy sights, sounds and delightful meals whilst visiting beautiful cities like Rome, Prague, and Vienna- to name a few.
Learn budget-saving tricks and tips, allowing your money stretch as you take in new sights and have that perfect holiday. (Pub. July 2017)



Do you dare look in a mirror to gaze into your soul, do you wear a mask to hide who you are or are not? On life’s roller coaster, what do you see from the highest heights or from the nadir? Are those tears of sadness or joy? Is your anger red hot or ice -cold? Is death part of life? Is your tongue a weapon of war or an instrument of peace? So many questions. A million answers, some of which Vivian waxes lyrical about in 50 poems exploring this existence we call life. (Pub Feb. 2018)

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